I don’t like this. It’s a little bit of hateration if you ask me. Media now is teaching everyone to embrace their bodies. Which is great and totally think is wonderful. BUT, it has to go both ways. Someone who is 5’2 and weighs 150 is not healthy. Yet if they posted a bikini pic, everyone would be like “amazing! work it girl!”. Yet, when a slim or extremely health conscious person posts a pic about being proud of their thigh gap that DOES actually require working out to achieve along with proper eating habits (I used to be a lot heavier, I know firsthand), they’re made to feel bad about it. If you don’t like thigh gaps and health food, stop following thinspo’s and fitspo’s and problem solved.

I think you’ve missed the point hun. The point isn’t to say thigh gaps are bad or unhealthy. Its to say that many people can’t get them, so it shouldn’t be something to base success off of. I see tons of girls saying they won’t stop til they have a gap. But for many its physically impossible and they don’t know it. If you have a gap, rock that shit. Its beautiful, youre beautiful, and you should be proud of your body. If you don’t have a gap, same deal. Be proud of what you have and don’t let tumblr tell you that you need one thing or another to be sexy. That was the point of the post.

I really don’t see how this could be taken as trying to ‘hate’ or shame people with a gap.. or how anyone could actually believe that people who are “overweight”* get more support than people who are thin. Just.. what. & “If you have a problem with health food..” where does that even come from?

*a 5’2” person can absolutely be healthy at 150lb. FYI.

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